Annual Report

NCUK Annual Report

The NCUK Annual Report showcases the performance and activities of NCUK over the previous year. To view the annual report for 2016/17 please click the button below:


2016/17 Highlights:

NCUK’s 2016/17 cohort of students will provide NCUK Universities with:

  • 2,073 students were admitted to universities or continued on the International Year One
  • £19.8 million of tuition fee income in 17/18 financial year (+%5 increase on 15/16 cohort)
  • £51.1 million of tuition fee income generated over the duration of their degree course

During the 16/17 financial year, NCUK hit a milestone for student placements and has now placed over 30,000 students onto university courses since 1987.

New Partners

NCUK welcomed eight new Partners in six new markets to the NCUK Global Network of Study Centres in 2016/17:

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