Delivery Partners

As most of our Partners are now offering online delivery, NCUK has coordinated a collective contingency plan to allow you to learn from each other as well as the expertise from across NCUK.

Below, you will find links and information aimed at supporting you in your transition to an online teaching environment as well as useful contact details within the NCUK network.

Academic Support

  • The NCUK Teachers’ Hub is an online platform allowing teachers to share good practice for modules with teachers from within NCUK’s Global Network. It features an ‘Online Staffroom’ which acts as a forum for module teachers to communicate and collaborate across the globe.
    The platform has chat and message facilities and we encourage all our Partners to use this to support the online and remote teaching and support.
    Please click here to access the NCUK Teacher’s Hub.

Contact details

  • For academic enquiries, please contact
  • For any enquiries regarding student university application support, please contact
  • If you have an enquiry regarding student recruitment and/or events, please contact
  • If you need any additional support, please contact your Account Manager or Academic Development Manager.

Alternatively, you can contact NCUK on WeChat or WhatsApp.

Information for UK Study Centres

  • UK Study Centres are ensuring the best possible care is given to all students, both through NCUK’s support and by external initiatives such as the Boarding School Association’s Covid-Safe Charter. You can find more information here.

Additional Information

  • Given most students have or will face time away from the traditional learning environment, NCUK has also undertaken a review of its syllabus to provide guidance on core elements to support student development and ensure they have the skills and knowledge they will need to succeed at university.
  • We will keep you updated with the latest information and news about all the measures that will be put in place to ensure that NCUK students successfully complete their qualifications.

Please, contact us through the links provided above to find out how NCUK can support you and your Study Centre through these difficult times