Frequently asked questions

Below you will be able to find the answer to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding NCUK qualifications and how to successfully complete them.

How can I complete my NCUK qualification if exams are now cancelled?

  • You will still receive your results this summer. The decision on your final results will be made by NCUK, using our own evidence combined with evidence provided by your Study Centre. The process to calculate your final results will be designed to provide the fairest possible outcome and ensure that you are not disadvantaged by these unprecedented circumstances.

Will I have to do any final assessments?

  • NCUK are introducing a new time-controlled assessment, which – like an exam – will give you the opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of the Learning Outcomes for the modules you are studying. We appreciate you will be very keen to receive more information about time-controlled assessment.  NCUK is working with subject specialists to develop detailed instructions and guidance for your teachers, so that they can prepare you.

Does this mean I don’t need to continue learning?

  • No, you must still actively engage with your course as per the guidelines laid out by your Study Centre. All students must engage with the course for the rest of the programme in order to obtain results. Take a look for some study tips and advice here.

When will I receive my results?

  • You will still receive your final results this summer and therefore, as long as you have met the entry requirements for your course, you will still be able to progress to university. We are currently working to confirm the results release schedule with your Study Centre, who will advise you of the date as soon as they are able.

Will I still be able to go to university?

  • NCUK, our Universities, and our Study Centres around the world are fully committed to providing solutions for our students to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to complete their course, progress to university, and complete their degree on time. The offers you have received from universities are still valid and you must try your best to achieve the grades for your chosen destination. NCUK will support you to get there.

Will my EAP still be accepted by the university and for visa purposes?

  • Yes, your EAP result will still be accepted by the university and therefore it will meet UK visa requirements.

Will I still be able to start at university?

  • Universities are making preparations to welcome their new students as usual. They are considering alternative options including flexibility with arrival dates and the possibility of starting the year through online teaching. Universities are extremely well prepared to provide solutions for new students wanting to start learning this year. Universities will continue to provide updates on this on their own websites.

We have listed them all here.

Do NCUK Universities accept the new assessment methods?

NCUK and NCUK Universities are committed to supporting all students in their educational journey. The team at NCUK are working closely with our universities to keep them up to date with the assessment methods being used this cycle given in circumstances. All feedback received has been positive.

I have questions about my results

For any questions about your results and how they were calculated, please contact your Study Centre.

If you suspect that a result may not be accurate, you should discuss this with your Study Centre. Your Study Centre will help you to decide whether to submit an ‘Enquiry about Results’ request (please refer to your Student Handbook for further information).  It is very important that you understand that with this request, your module(s) mark(s) and grade could go down, up, or remain the same.

Students (and parents) should note that:

  • NCUK can only accept ‘Enquiries about Results’ requests submitted by your Study Centre.
  • Your Study Centre will submit any Enquiries by the following deadlines: 4 August 2020 if you took your TCAs in May 2020; 11 September 2020 if you took your TCAs in July 2020
  • NCUK charges a fee to process Enquiries about Results.  Your Study Centre will advise you of the charge and how to pay it.

Are there options available for students who are not taking an NCUK qualification but require an English Language test for visa purposes?

NCUK has launched an English Language Test for visa purposes which will be available at a range of NCUK study centres. You can get more information on this qualification, where it can be taken, and which universities accept it through the dedicated section on the NCUK website.

Universities continue to accept a range of English Language qualifications for progression. Please speak to the Student Support team to get specific information for each University destination you are considering. If you would like to contact the team, please email studentsupport@ncuk.ac.uk


Do I need to apply for a visa in the summer even if I am not able to travel to the UK in September?

At the moment, most visa centres around the world are closed. This means that students cannot apply for a visa. It is important to remember that you will only be able to apply for a visa after you have received an unconditional offer and a CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies). For most NCUK students, this will take place at the end of July. By then, universities will be publishing further guidance on the visa application process.

Please follow the government website for any updates. Please also remember to check your email regularly for any updates.

Do I have to pay for first semester accommodation if I can't travel to the UK?

Each NCUK University has different processes in place. Therefore, the best source of information about accommodation are the universities themselves.

Please ensure that you ask your university this question when you apply for accommodation and that you read the terms and conditions of the your tenancy/accommodation agreement.

Are universities going to provide charter flights for international students?

It is highly unlikely that universities will provide charter flights for international students. It is important to remember that students are responsible for arranging their own travel. If you are struggling to find appropriate travel arrangements after you have received your visa, please get in touch with NCUK or your university for further support.

How will universities ensure that students can study in a safe environment?

Universities are working hard to ensure that all students coming to study on campus will be able to do so in a safe and healthy environment.

Do not hesitate to contact your Study Centre, NCUK or your university to ask questions related to your health and safety on campus.

Remember that you can contact NCUK via email or on chat!

Should I book a flight to the UK for September?

NCUK advises to book your flights after you received your visa.  You can begin the visa application process once you have an unconditional offer from the University, which for most students will be after their final marks release date in either July or August.

Those who currently hold an unconditional offer can only start applying for a visa 3 months in advance of their course start date. Additionally, some visa centres are currently closed. This means no visas are being issued at the moment. However, visa centres are now starting to re-open across the world. To find out if your closest visa centre is open and view appointment availability please see here.

If the first semester is held online, how will the practical elements of the course be carried out?

Most universities are preparing for a blended learning model. This means some teaching can take place in small groups and this will allow for practical elements to be carried out. Universities are also making additional changes to their teaching building to facilitate safe, socially distanced learning in small groups. If the circumstances change and all the elements are needed to be held online, then any practical elements will be delivered in a virtual domain.

Specifics of how online learning or practical teaching will be delivered by each University is now slowly being released by the universities and applicants are being contacted via email.

If you have any questions about how NCUK or would like to receive more information, please email together@ncuk.ac.uk or contact your Study Centre directly.