Start your degree at your university

Once you successfully complete your NCUK qualification, you would have reached the long-awaited moment of moving abroad to complete your university studies. As much as this might seem a daunting prospect, you will be able to start your academic course and get the most of your international study experience.

Most universities are planning on running the academic year as usual, so you should be prepared to move out for when the course starts. However, since these are times of uncertainty, some other universities will start teaching online for your first semester. This means you can start your degree in the comfort of your own home and then go to university for the start of your second semester.

For some of our universities, you should be expected to start on the dates below:

  • UK: start in country if restrictions are lifted in September 2020. Universities are already delivering their courses online to its current students and may choose to continue to do so should restrictions remain in place.
  • Australia: start in country in July 2020. If travel restrictions were still in place, Australian universities are ready to start teaching online.
  • New Zealand: similar to Australia, you should expect to start in July 2020 knowing that online teaching is also a possibility.

What happens next? In order to start this year, we recommend that you accept your university offer to confirm your place once your grades are released. That way, you will make sure that you secure your place at university and start planning accordingly. If you have more questions about your examinations and results, have a look at our dedicated FAQ section by clicking here.

Do not delay your learning, continue with your studies and get to where you want to be with NCUK!

Still not sure about what to do, haven’t got an offer yet or need to take an English language proficiency test? Contact us today and get all the support you need to succeed in your academic journey.