Information on visas

For international students, applying for a visa is an essential part of the study abroad experience. Whilst we understand that students are now navigating extraordinary circumstances, it is important that they are able to obtain information from reliable sources. See below detailed information about visa application centres updates, useful links and checklists.

UK - Visa application updates

  • Due to coronavirus (COVID-19), services might be restricted at your local visa application centre. Some visa application centres might be closed until further notice. Check with your local visa application centre for the latest information on the services they are offering. You can view a full list of centres here.
  • When students apply for a visa, they are usually allowed 30 days to enter the UK and get it. Because of the pandemic, this 30-day window has been increased to 90 days to allow for students to start learning online. However, students can apply for their visa later if they are starting learning online.

Australia - Visa application updates

The Australian government and agencies are working to provide international students with the safest measures to allow them to start their university degree. You can find the most up to date information here.

New Zealand - Visa application updates

You can check New Zealand’s temporary border measures, information on visas and travel here.

To check New Zealand’s Visa Advice, click here.

Canada - Visa application updates

Canada is now processing visa applications again. Make sure that you check the government’s official website here to obtain the latest information.

USA - Visa application updates

If you would like to apply for a visa to study in the USA, click here to find out all about travel measures, services and updates.