International Relations and EAP Instructor Vacancy at London Graduate School of Business in Tashkent

Study Centre: London Graduate School of Business in Tashkent
Study Centre location: Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Job Title: International Relations and EAP Instructor
Hours worked per week: Up to 20
Salary range (including currency): Competitive, based on experience and credentials

Qualifications and Experience

  1. A relevant academic qualification at UK graduate level (Essential).
    In addition (also Essential):

    • i. EAP: CELTA/DELTA or other recognized English teaching qualification
  2. A recognised teaching qualification in relevant subject (Desirable).
  3. Relevant teaching experience (Essential). Normally a minimum of two years. This experience should relate to the delivery of a Western-style syllabus using Western conventions and methodologies. Significant teaching/programme management experience at a reputable university may also be acceptable.
  4. The ability to contribute to integrated teaching across the curriculum (Essential).
  5. An understanding of UK/western higher education and the needs and requirements of international students (Essential).
  6. Direct experience of further and higher education in an international context (Essential).
  7. Specific experience of education in Asia / Middle East (Desirable).
  8. Experience of the development of academic programmes (Desirable).
  9. Experience of academic assessment and standards, and of quality assurance procedures (Desirable).
  10. Experience of teaching non-native speakers of English (Desirable).
  11. An understanding and appreciation of private sector education (Desirable).
  12. Experience of living and working in foreign countries (Desirable).

Skills (Essential)

  1. Demonstrable cross-cultural awareness and understanding.
  2. A commitment to teamwork, to working flexibly and to seeking solutions to problems.
  3. A record of achievement in teaching.
  4. Excellent interpersonal, communication and presentation skills including native speaker fluency in English. Numerate and articulate.
  5. Competence in the effective use of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT).
  6. Proven planning and organisational skills and an ability to take initiative within curriculum and policy objectives.
  7. The ability to contribute to study programme development.
  8. The ability to set, review and mark formative and summative assessments in line with a published syllabus.
  9. A record of attention to detail, thoroughness and fairness.
  10. The ability to prioritise, meet deadlines, work under pressure and, when necessary, with minimal resources.


  1. Outward looking and student sympathetic.
  2. A team worker.
  3. Flexible with the ability to solve problems, to put in the time necessary to do the job, to take decisions and to accept responsibility.
  4. A willingness to learn, to improve personal teaching effectiveness and adapt.
  5. Credibility with colleagues and in the wider international academic community.
  6. Practical with high integrity, honesty and ethical standards.
  7. Enthusiastic and committed with stamina and a positive attitude.

How to apply

Please send current CV and education diplomas along with a cover letter to job@britisheducation.org.uk.

Key dates

  • Application deadline: Open for applications