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Completing the NCUK International Foundation Year qualification allows students to progress to thousands of degree courses all over the world. At NCUK, we want to make sure that students who complete their qualification at one of our Study Centres are not only prepared for university but also have the best chance to study a degree that they want.

Studying with NCUK allows you to progress to an array of Medical-related university courses at many of our NCUK Universities (including all 16 Guaranteed Universities).

Degree courses that NCUK students can advance to include:

• Pharmacy
• Nursing
• Biomedical Science
• Physiotherapy
• Biochemistry, and more!

To find out more about the types of medical related university degree courses available to NCUK students, please click here.

NCUK Medical

What do I need to do to be eligible to study a Medical-related degree?

Students who want to progress to a Medical-related degree course at university will need to take three modules when studying the International Foundation Year qualification. The modules that you would need to take are Maths for Science + two Science modules (choose two from: Physics, Biology, Chemistry).

IFY Medical Progression

Completing and passing the IFY with these modules will give you the opportunity to enter a Medical-related degree course at one of the NCUK Universities (subject to meeting the entry requirements for the university).

Search for an IFY Study Centre to start your journey to a medical-related degree today!


Maryam Modibbo Saleh

Maryam Modibbo Saleh

When thinking about studying abroad, I believed that I would get the best education here in the UK. It has been a great place for me to study. In the future I would like to own my own Pharmacy business in Kaduna.

University of Huddersfield MPharm Pharmacy

Yasmeen Hayat

Yasmeen Hayat

I enjoy the social activities at university, there's just so much to do. Manchester is a great student city to experience football and music concerts. One of my greatest achievement was getting into Medical School.

The University of Manchester Medicine

Pearce Oluwaseyi

Pearce Oluwaseyi

My best experience has been interacting with people from different backgrounds, because The University of Sheffield is a home to students from over 120 different countries. I aspire to be a Medical Doctor.

The University of Sheffield Biomedical Science