NCUK Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy

You are visiting NCUK’s public website. We will not collect any personal data relating to your visit. We only collect your personal data with your specific consent, for example, if you fill in a form on one of our websites or advertisements, or if you submit a job application to us. If you do that we will ask for your specific consent and we will hold your data in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

IP addresses are strings of number which recognise computers or servers on a network. We keep a record of the IP addresses of computers that access our website and some other details about the type of web browser installed on each computer. This helps us to make sure that our website works as well as possible for all users.

Cookies are small files of information which are stored on your computer to help give you the best experience of a website. We sometimes store cookies on your computer, but these are only kept for the duration of your browser ‘session’. You can disable cookies in your browser to stop websites storing these files. You can learn how to disable cookies using the ‘help’ function in your browser, or online at