NCUK and Password – Increasing Access to English Language Testing for International Students


NCUK, global provider of pathway education qualifications and services, is pleased to announce it has appointed Password, provider of online testing services, as its test provider for a new English language testing service being offered to students and universities through the NCUK Global Network. This service builds on NCUK’s excellent student outcomes and desire to continually seek to provide international students with the preparation, support and qualifications they need to get into university.

With the cancellation of thousands of IELTS and other tests around the world as a result of the coronavirus, NCUK has moved the release date forward to support as many students as it can in getting to university later this year. We’ve already offered our Partners 1,000 pre-enrolment tests of English (Password Solo) free of charge to mitigate disruption caused by school closures. Our team and Partners are working relentlessly to ensure all our students can continue with their plans to get to university. Password has provided NCUK’s online enrolment tests of English for many years and so it was the natural choice for this next stage in our development to further our collaboration.

NCUK Chief Executive Officer, Professor John Brewer

NCUK has a long, established track record in helping international students develop the linguistic and academic skills they need to get into university. NCUK also ensure they succeed when they get there. Our long-established English for Academic Purposes (EAP) course offers a range of options for students choosing to study one of our academic qualifications and is accepted by universities worldwide as their proof of English.

With this collaboration, NCUK is increasing choice for English language learners, from a fully integrated academic and EAP solution, to short courses and a standalone testing solution.  The collaboration builds on both parties’ expertise in the field and will widen the choice for international students seeking a university approved test of English.

added NCUK Chief Executive Officer, Professor John Brewer.

Under the NCUK English umbrella suite of programmes and university admissions services, this unique package consists of an online test formally aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), the international standard for describing language ability, together with optional English language preparation courses designed for international students seeking a proof of English for visa purposes. It provides an all-inclusive solution for both students, Delivery Partners and Universities by offering a fast, reliable, quality-assured testing service enabling students to prove their English language levels and progress to university.

We are delighted to be working with NCUK to support students seeking university admission with accessible online English language testing.  We are proud to supply hundreds of universities, colleges and schools with accurate and reliable testing and this new collaboration with NCUK follows on from our support of students entering their foundation programmes in NCUK centres in 30 countries around the world for over ten years.

Caroline Browne, CEO, Password

To aid student readiness for the NCUK English Language Test approved Test Centres can also offer NCUK English Language Preparation Courses, available in different durations to suite learners’ needs.

NCUK will oversee all quality assurance aspects of the course, test delivery and invigilation. Where required, students will also be able to access to NCUK’s University Applications Service, providing university counselling services to students still searching for a place at university

About Password

Password design, develop, sell and deliver world class on-line testing services to educational institutions. The first Password test launched in 2008 and Password testing now supports hundreds of universities, colleges and schools with high quality online English language and Maths testing worldwide. Password tests occupy a unique position in the English language test market, offering Password partner institutions a unique combination of high quality and easily accessible testing, operated under their own control. The tests are also extremely cost effective. Use of Password testing aids international student recruitment and also enables institutions to drive up the quality of international student experience and improve student outcomes.

About NCUK

NCUK is a leading international higher education qualification and service provider with over 30 years’ experience. We are a consortium of universities who have provided over 35,000 international students with a pathway to study abroad at some of the best universities in the world. We have a quality-assured global network of Delivery Partners spanning five continents who deliver our portfolio of qualifications to the highest academic standard.


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