NCUK Launches in Amman, Jordan!


NCUK is proud to announce its new partnership with Divan International in Jordan who will be delivering the International Foundation Year from September 2019! A launch ceremony was conducted at the site at Luminus Technical University College (LTUC) which was attended by a range of VIPs including a number of Heads of School from across the city as well as representatives from the British Embassy.

Proceedings were opened by Dr. Ayman Maqableh (Dean at LTUC) who shared the vision for the university college and Dr. Kamal Wajih (Founder and CEO at Divan) who highlighted what this exciting new project means for Jordanian students and parents alike. It also provided an opportunity to present the International Foundation Year and with that, gave attendees the chance to ask lots of useful questions – Jordanian students already have a history of moving to the UK to pursue foundation programmes.

Mr. Kamal Wajih Hijazi, Founder & CEO at Divan International

Mr. Kamal Wajih Hijazi, Founder & CEO at Divan International

This brand-new partnership with Divan International, in association with Luminus Technical University College (LTUC) is a fantastic new opportunity for students from across Jordan and the Middle East to study on world-class pathway qualifications with a huge and exciting range of progression options.

As a partner, Divan International has a great wealth of experience when it comes to facilitating and providing opportunities for aspiring students to pursue overseas study and when combining this with the world-class facilities and fantastic reputation LTUC enjoys across Jordan, this partnership has all of the key factors to become a great success. There is a real focus on providing new opportunities for students within both national (Tawjihi) and international (IGCSE) systems as well as ensuring the very highest quality of teaching – this is something that future NCUK students from Jordan and neighboroughing markets such as Iraq and Syria will be able to benefit from.

Andrew Straughan, Market Development Manager

NCUK - Divan


NCUK, the University of Salford and Divan International followed this launch with a series of meetings across some of the best-known schools across Amman, which involved discussions with School Heads on what it means for their students, as well as meeting to meeting a number of potential students from a range of academic backgrounds (including the Tawjihi and offer guidance and support on their potential next steps.

Applications are now open for the NCUK International Foundation Year in both Business/Humanities and Engineering/Science streams and I’d encourage all interested parties to get in touch with Ms. Laila Sabbah (, +962 7 9875 3461).

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