St Peter’s College launches new qualifications in Colombia


The British NCUK university consortium celebrated 30 years of preparing and receiving Colombian and other international students for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in the UK, and announced the launch of new programmes in Colombia

Dr Gareth Evans and Peter Dale

Dr Gareth Evans and Peter Dale

On March 28th we celebrated 30 years of preparing international students for undergraduate and postgraduate university study in the UK, Attendees at the residence of the British Ambassador, Dr Peter Tibber, included Colombian alumni from many of the NCUK universities who shared their experiences and insight of studying overseas from a Colombian perspective.

At St Peter’s we are delighted that we are now offering the PreMasters Programme in Colombia. I am sure that potential Masters students in Bogota and the rest of the country will be very keen to take advantage of the opportunity to improve their English and Research skills locally before travelling to the UK. After 3 years of carrying out the NCUK International Foundation Year programme, we are pleased to extend our relationship with the consortium, allowing more Latin American students to carry out their undergraduate and postgraduate studies in the UK.

Peter Dale

Director, St Peter’s International College, Colombia

As well as having highlighted the innovative transnational education opportunities available, the event also featured a keynote session given by Dr John Willott, Principal Lecturer in the School of Social Sciences at Leeds Beckett University. This session explored the “Challenges of the Post Conflict Era in Colombia” and drew upon the work of both John, his academic colleagues and students who have experience in other parts of the world relating to post conflict development and could demonstrate how some of those issues or approaches might be relevant or applied to Colombia.

Dr John Willott with NCUK alumni

Dr John Willott with NCUK alumni

The event highlighted our 30-year track record of successfully creating opportunities for tens of thousands of students from all over the world. NCUK’s Academic Director, Dr Gareth Evans, presented future plans and projects, including exciting initiatives for Colombia and Latin America. Dr Evans is a Chartered Engineer and has extensive experience of UK higher education both as an academic (20 years at the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST) and the University of Manchester) and in international education (more than 10 years as an Academic Director of UK-based international education organisations).

We have been offering the International Foundation Year (IFY), in collaboration with our local delivery partner St Peter’s International College in Bogotá, for the last four years. This is a one year programme where graduating students are guaranteed a place on a three year undergraduate degree course at one of the 16 NCUK universities. The Foundation Year is open for high school bachelors and students who are completing 11th grade at Calendar A schools. Dr Evans announced that the IFY programme, offered by St Peter’s in Bogotá from October to June, is now also recognised by a number of leading US and Australian universities.

We are also excited to reveal we will be delivering our NCUK Pre-Masters Preparation (PMP) Qualification in Colombia, aimed at preparing Masters candidates, over a 20 week part-time course, for Postgraduate study in the UK. The programme not only improves a student’s English, but also enables them to gain crucial academic and research skills, essential to excel on a postgraduate degree programme.

Further information about studying an NCUK qualification in Columbia, please contact:

Peter Dale, 314 359 1910

Find more information about our qualifications here.