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Where can I study?

When you enrol onto one of our programmes, you’ll be taught at one of our accredited Delivery Centres. We currently have over 30 centres around the world, and we are adding more all the time.


Each centre is outstandingly equipped with the latest technologies and teaching material providing you with a safe and stimulating learning environment. And because you’ll be learning together with other students aiming to study in the UK, you’ll make friends and enjoy a supportive social setting as well.

Every one of the teachers who will deliver your programme is fully trained and qualified to teach our programmes, and most are experts in their fields.

All of our centres are inspected annually by academics from our UK HQ and by representatives of our 11 NCUK universities to ensure that they are operating to our high standards.

To find out where your nearest NCUK delivery centre is located, and what programmes it offers, please search above