Cardiff Academy

Cardiff Academy

At Cardiff Academy, we are proud to be able to offer the NCUK International Foundation Year. We have successfully been supporting and encouraging our students to gain access to university since 1999, having as our core values honesty, integrity and professionalism.

Our approach to education combines western and eastern philosophies. The former encourages the student to think critically, to be creative and to develop self-confidence, motivation and flexibility. The latter involves teaching through the implementation of high standards allowing the student to develop a sense of commitment, diligence and perseverance. Our students not only excel academically but develop round personalities which will prepare them for life and for university.

Our constant aim in all cases is to build confidence in our students by installing in them the same passion for learning as that of their teachers, whilst also creating a secure and friendly environment in which they grow into learned young people. In order to achieve these goals, we require only the most talented, experienced and dedicated teachers who are not just well-qualified, but also true enthusiasts of their respective subjects.

Mr A Henderson, Principal.

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