Divan International

Divan International

Divan International is arguably the best leading cultural exchange, educational, training, and travel organization, widely known for its impeccable service for young people from the Arab countries and the whole world as well.

Our goal and mission has always been, and remains, to increase global understanding by building and strengthening communication skills among our graduates with English speaking partners around the world to ease their employment opportunities. We believe in the idea of making university graduates employable weather they are having English partners or not, that’s why we’re proud to support the work, study and travel abroad programs as an essential piece of a well-rounded education.


The keystone of our partnership with NCUK will be to assist and enable our students to expand horizons, enrich cross-cultural experiences and education, and make them feel a sense of belonging in anywhere they find themselves in the world. Studying abroad has been on demand since decades, this opportunity will fulfil student’s educational needs.

Mr. Kamal Wajih Hijazi, Founder & CEO

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Address: Airport Road, Marj Al Hamam Bridge, P.O.Box 183334, Amman 11118, Jordan
Phone: +962 6 4000700
Email: a.ammoura@divanintl.com

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