Global Learning Centre, Xi’an Eurasia University

Global Learning Centre, Xi’an Eurasia University

Eurasia University, which was founded in 1995, has been ranked in the Top 5 private universities in China, and includes prestigious majors in business and humanities. The campus occupies around 600,000 square metres and at present, more than 22,000 students from across the country are receiving education by selecting from around 50 majors from over 10 schools including the School of Accounting, the School of Logistics and Trade, the School of Finance and the School of Humanities and Education to name a few.

The Global Learning Center (GLC) of Xi’an Eurasia University aims at offering excellent multilingual competence enhancing courses and academic courses of foreign language teaching to the students and faculties in Eurasia University. GLC will spread its outstanding language courses to other universities in China over the next three years. At present, EUGLC is offering several English courses for different purposes, such as Skills for IELTS, Skills for CET4, College English, Business English and Real English.

Eurasia is a special place full of creation and practical modern spirits. If you are considering applying to Eurasia, perhaps you have this precious modern spirit in you as well. We are looking for special individuals such as you to join us, infusing this spirit to you and this world.

Hu Jianbo, Eurasia University President

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