The International Department of Kunming No 3 High School

Kunming, China

Qualification offered:

International Foundation Year

Kunming No. 3 High School was founded in 1907 and is one of only a few hundred-year-old elite schools in Yunnan Province. Its performances of college entrance examinations and senior high school entrance examinations are both ranked highly in Kunming City, and even Yunnan Province.


In April 2011, the Yunnan Provincial Department of Education formally approved the establishment of International Department of Kunming No. 3 High School and in 2013, the International Department was selected as the only director unit of China Education International Exchange Association High School Branch in Yunnan Province.

For two consecutive years, Kunming won the  “Good Reputation Award” in the education industry of Yunnan Province and are the only international department listed on the billboard.

At present Kunming has 39 teachers/administrative staff both of Chinese and international origin, among these 55% have master’s and doctoral degrees whilst 60% of the Chinese teachers have a background of studying abroad. This is an excellent team of teachers who are experienced in teaching international courses. Their unity, cooperation, due diligence and occupation spirit allows them to help students reach their potential, and are there for them every step of the way.


With talented teachers, supportive staff members, beautiful campuses and, most importantly, the best weather in China, NCUK and Kunming is one of your best choices of achieving international success.

Jing Hu, President 

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