KBF Graduate Preparation Centre at Hunan Normal University: Changsha

The international education center of the School of Business is affiliated to Hunan Normal University, which provides international education services for students interested in studying abroad.

The center has combined its overseas education resources with advantages of academic research and has constantly introduces and develops the unique high quality courses.  On the other hand, the Center has a strategic cooperation with national famous international education Group, KB Financial and The Northern Consortium (NCUK). This international education center and system, has provided high school graduates, or equivalent technical secondary school graduates, a series of full range of international education and services such as English language training, academic education and vocational education, study abroad, overseas career planning guidance, and visa assistance.

There is a significant difference in cultural atmosphere and thinking patterns between Chinese and British teaching. Therefore, I do the utmost to help students alter their ways of learning and thinking. In my eyes, the main highlight of the EAP is integrating language study into the research process. The journey that our students take allows them to be fully and skillfully prepared for getting through Master’s Degree courses. It is hoped that students can make the most out of their time with us to strengthen their English language skills.

Paul Rooney,

Academic Principal

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Address: KBF Global Pre-Masters Centre, Business School of Hunan Normal University,No.36 Lushan Avenue, Yuelu District, Changsha, Hunan Province P.R.China
Telephone: (+86) 0731 84622868/84622568

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