Shenyang City University

Shenyang City University is the only centre in north-east part of China. We currently offer the NCUK IFY and PMP for those students who aim to progress to UK and Australian universities. We provide a convenient campus life with a library, accommodation, food stalls, a canteen and sport facilities all available nearby.

All teaching staff at the centre have a Masters degree (at a minimum), and all are experienced teachers qualified at English universities. A dedicated team works closely with students, helping them to prepare for further study.

In recent years, Shenyang City University has successfully sent students to many distinguished UK universities. Last year, 80% of Shenyang City University students progressed to The University of Manchester or The University of Bristol.

We are a dedicated and professional team who work closely with students, helping them identify their opportunities within a range of UK and Australian universities. All of our students will get excellent preparation at Shenyang University Centre for their academic futures.

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