Sahinkaya Private Schools

Sahinkaya Private Schools

Şahinkaya Private Schools offer an innovative programme where high school students graduate with a Turkish National Diploma and the NCUK International Foundation Year.

Our schools have over 3000 students, 500 teachers, and campus facilities that have been carefully designed with the highest of standards.

Since 2007 Şahinkaya has been trusted with the mission to educate students, to do so, we have always provided programmes that put our students on the road for personal and professional success. Starting from September 2019, our schools will be offering the NCUK International Foundation Year at our Academy 1418 campus. We are eager to welcome you to this unique and comprehensive educational model.

Oğuzhan Sahinkaya, Founder

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Address: 19 Mayıs Mahallesi, Egemenlik Cd. No: 96, 16230 Nilüfer/Bursa
Phone: +90 538 441 4682

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