Taipei Private Dongshan High School

Taipei City, Taiwan

Qualification offered:

International Foundation Year

Taipei Private Dongshan High School

Taipei Private Dongshan High School is at the forefront of academic and creativity pursuit. We pride ourselves with our unique tailored curriculums and creative yet effective teaching styles. Students who venture here seeking to learn and grow — join five decades of accumulated knowledge and peers seeking to become the best version of themselves.

Our campus holds four major buildings, housing 77 classes across six grade levels, a mountain top PE area with a bird’s eye view of Taipei City, as well as several complete science, computer and language laboratories. Students are encouraged to make the best use of all our facilities to further their interests, academic achievements, as well as their creative natures. The excellent academic achievements of our pupils are also dotted with awards and medals won by students in all areas and fields.

As a part of society, we also deem ourselves responsible for the characters of our pupils. We hope to shape all our students to become diligent, studious and responsible humans who can later better the world that we all live in. With this goal in mind, the school offers Life Education that puts emphasis on the importance of becoming complete, kind, and honest human beings who will make utmost efforts in making the world a better place for all of us.

We are thrilled that you have included us in your search to join the NCUK International Foundation Year.  This journey that you are looking to take, is an exciting, yet rigorous one.  Our professional staff members are ready to assist you in becoming acquainted with the program.

Li-Mei Chen, Principal


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Phone: +886229395826#280

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