Why Study in Australia

If you are looking for the best academic experience balanced with the perfect student lifestyle then have a look at some key facts about the great study destination that Australia is.

Popular student destination. It could be the fantastic weather and incredible landscapes, it could be the warm welcome and world-famous nightlife, it could be the excellent educational institutions and livable cities, but something has international students flocking to Australia. The combination of top class universities and an unbeatable lifestyle has seen Australia emerge as the third most popular international student destination in the world. So why not join the thousands of international students who each year choose to start a new adventure Down Under?

Scholarships. In Australia, student support is available: the Australian government is keen to attract students from abroad and each year they invest $200,000,000 in international student scholarships. Check on the Australian government’s website for the full array of choices and start planning your future today.

Best student cities in the world. If you are still wondering if Australia might be for you, think that you will be moving to a country with the best student cities in the world. QS ranks four Australian cities in the top 30 best student cities worldwide, which makes it the perfect place to balance an amazing academic life and live your student experience to the fullest. From café culture in Melbourne’s hipster Fitzroy district to the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef in laidback Brisbane or the grandeur of sprawling Sydney there is an experience to suit every taste.


Low cost of living. Making the most of your money will not be as difficult in Australia as in other parts of the world. If you compare it to countries like the UK or the US, in Australia you will get a cheaper conversion factor. This means that, alongside the low cost of living, your money goes much further allowing you to get the very best of the Aussie lifestyle.

Safe and multicultural. According to Safe Around, Australia is ranked as one of the safest countries in the world, a low crime rate and strict gun laws mean you have nothing to fear when exploring this amazing place. This incredibly harmonious and friendly community will make you feel like at home throughout your stay. You will create memories that will last a lifetime!

Excellence and research. Australian universities are strongly research led, and that makes them excel in a great number of disciplines. Another positive thing about Australia is that it offers top quality research experience. In order to access these programmes, you will be required to provide proven track record of academic excellence, since these opportunities are based on merit. When studying abroad, would you not want to be an international student in a university recognised worldwide and be able to study alongside the greatest minds?

Innovative facilities for teaching and research. You might be surprised by Australia’s innovative approach to learning. Australian universities have facilities amongst the world’s best for teaching and for research. There are plenty of laboratories, modern technologies at your reach and unbelievable libraries where you can spend your time and make the most of your study programme. Australia is more than a place to study, it’s the perfect innovative environment to prepare you for career success.

Qualifications globally recognised. Australian qualifications are recognised and admired around the world. With an Australian degree, your chances of employability will be boosted as employers are seeking students with such a high value academic background and drive proven by study abroad.

Along with the UK, Australia is also one of the strongest economies globally, since it ranks on the top 20 richest economies in the world by GDP. Thinking about starting an academic career in a country that is so safe and financially stable will certainly set you up for success.

Job opportunities. Working in Australia while you study couldn’t be easier. Most student visas allow to work part time while you study and to go full time during break periods. This destination also provides internship opportunities and plenty of volunteering options. If you decide to take an internship, paid or unpaid, you will obtain first-hand insight of the industry that you are most interested in. If you are keen to make lots of new friends and at the same time help with great causes, the Australian government website has a useful section on volunteering that might be of your interest.



The information we provide has been carefully obtained from reliable sources. All key facts for this article have mainly been sourced from Australia’s government website QS World Rankings, Investopedia and Safe Around amongst others.


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