The University of Auckland - Success with Sustainability

The University of Auckland, located in New Zealand, is committed to pursuing sustainability and does so through a variety of means such as teaching and learning, partnerships, research, capacity building and operating practices.

The university itself takes great pride in showcasing its practices and is ranked 9th globally in the Times Higher Education Impact Rankings 2021. This amazing achievement is just one recognition of many that the university has received because of the work put into its sustainability campaigns.

How does the university commit to being sustainable?

Sustainability has been at the forefront of the university’s initiatives for a number of years with a strategic plan being put into place in 2013 to make the university efficiently use its resources and enhance environmental performance. Since then, the university has implemented a number of changes to ensure that these goals are met.


Recycling – It is required from all commercial kitchens that operate on university campuses to minimise food waste and to separate consumer food waste for composting. Paper has been saved by reducing the amount of paper used which has been achieved by switching from hard copies of materials to online versions, increasing double-sided printing and reducing printing overall.

Reducing carbon footprints – It is encouraged that staff and student reduce carbon emissions and support projects that will actively support the environment. Using passive or public forms of transport as well as car-pooling and online video conferencing are examples of ways in which staff and students help reduce carbon emissions whilst tree planting and other restoration activities are promoted to offset emissions and protect biodiversity.

Saving energy – For over 40 years, The University of Auckland has been monitoring, measuring and working to reduce energy use. Energy is saved by introducing energy-efficient operating plant, lighting and equipment in campus buildings, using light and motion sensors, encouraging students and staff to turn off lights and equipment when not in use, and by enabling energy-saving defaults/sleep modes on computing and other equipment.

Studying sustainability degree courses

The University of Auckland provides students with a multitude of opportunities to studying sustainability, sustainable development and other related degree courses.

Whether or not you want to study a degree that focuses primarily on sustainability or if you want to study a degree that has elements of sustainability throughout, The University of Auckland has plenty of exciting options to choose from.

One degree in particular, the Bachelor of Global Studies, is a great choice for students who have a particular interest in sustainability. This programme allows you to gain knowledge and new ideas, exposing you to different ways of thinking about the world, enabling you to further your understanding of other perspectives and cultures.

You will need to study one of the following degree majors when you start this programme:

About The University of Auckland

Established in 1883, The University of Auckland is an international centre of learning and academic excellence, situated in the heart of Auckland. The university provides an exciting and stimulating environment for more than 42,000 students, of which 7,500 are international students from more than 100 countries. The University’s eight faculties are located over five campuses. These faculties are Arts, Business School, Creative Arts and Industries, Education and Social Work, Engineering, Law, Medical and Health Sciences, and Science.

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