Advice for parents

We appreciate that this is a worrying and difficult time and recognise many of you are understandably anxious, but we wanted to provide you with some reassurance that you are not alone, we are all in this together, and we will help students get to where they want to be.

Below, you will find some useful information about the flexible study options that NCUK offers to international students. There is also plenty of information on visas, accommodation and university applications to help your child making the right decision.

Student Support

NCUK provides students with the best advice and tips on how to stay motivated while they move to online learning. From offering support on how to organise a study at home routine to tips on general wellbeing, NCUK has everything covered. Make sure that your child finds a suitable routine that combines the right amount of study time and leisure so they can succeed in their academic journey.

NCUK Universities

For all universities, the health, safety and welfare of its students are of the paramount importance. Therefore, NCUK Universities will take further actions quickly in response to the spread of the virus in line with government policies. All universities have extensive Student Support teams to cover all aspects of learning and we have gathered below links to each university’s dedicated COVID-19 website section.

At NCUK, we are closely working with NCUK Universities to ensure that we can provide our current and future students with the best opportunities to progress to some of the best universities in the world.

NCUK Study Centres

As most of our Partners are now offering online delivery, NCUK has coordinated a collective contingency plan to allow the NCUK Global Network to learn from each other as well as receiving the expertise from across NCUK.

At NCUK, we expertly deliver pathway qualifications that meet the highest educational standards. In order to meet these standards, we have successfully adapted our teaching methods at our Study Centres to ensure that all our students are able to complete their qualifications and progress to university on time.

If you would like your child to become an international student, we can help you get there. Just contact your nearest NCUK Study Centre to find out more about how your child can study an NCUK qualification and upon successful completion, progress to a world-class university.

Why study abroad?

Studying abroad can be one of the most beneficial experiences of someone’s life. It provides them with the opportunity to meet new people, learn about new cultures, learn new languages and study abroad at some of the top universities in the world. Some good reasons for your child to study abroad are:

  • Contact with different cultures: Such an enriching experience will develop into a better understanding of the world, a sense of empathy and curiosity for the unknown and an approach to work that will be very appreciated by potential employers.
  • English language skills: Choosing to study in English will provide your child with the highest standards of academic English at the same time as they get in touch with the local culture, gaining an understanding of the language that is not taught in high school or university.
  • Employability: Employers look out for students who can speak more than their native language and who show a great degree of independence and commitment to work that is developed during their time abroad.
  • Resilience: Studying abroad is perhaps one of the most character building and challenging experiences that one can ever have. Having the opportunity to live such a privileged experience could be the single thing that changes your child’s life for the best.

How to study abroad?

With so many study options available, how can you be sure that you choose the best one for your child? NCUK has been helping students study abroad for more than 30 years, so we are experts in providing high standard qualifications. There are three NCUK qualifications suitable for prospective international students which are taught by our quality-assured global network of Study Centres:

  • International Foundation Year: intended for students who have finished high-school and want to bridge the gap between their local qualifications and a university degree overseas. It typically takes just nine months to complete and it fully prepares students academically whilst also improving their English language for university study.
  • International Year One: aimed for students who have completed the International Foundation Year (or equivalent, such as A-levels) and would like to study the first year of a UK Bachelor’s degree locally while living at home, or internationally at one of our many Study Centres. After successful completion of the IYOne, students are able to progress to their second year of university at one of the NCUK universities.
  • Master’s Preparation: specifically designed for those students who wish to pursue a master’s degree at a UK university. This qualification provides the student with all the English language skills that are required to access master’s studies.

Staying safe and healthy abroad

Thousands of international students go through their university experience safely every year. However, it is always good to keep some safety basics in mind as well as considering the many different ways in which your child can stay healthy and enjoy the study abroad adventure to the fullest.

  • Familiarise with the culture: If you are lucky to know someone who has lived in that country try and ask, and if not, social media groups or online blogs can be very useful. You can also speak directly with NCUK students who are now studying at university overseas and ask them any questions that you may have about studying abroad. Click here to chat to our students.
  • Discover new places with friends: encourage your child to follow common sense by not walking alone after dark; getting a bus or taxi won’t cost much, and it is completely worth it.
  • Money and valuables: Make sure that your child always has some cash or bank cards at hand to pay for their lunch, transport to university and some other daily purchases. Important documents, such as passports, and valuable items should be kept at home.
  • Health Insurance: Registering with a GP or arrange a health insurance is essential to guarantee that your child will be well looked after in case of an emergency or illness.
  • Mental Health: If your child suggests that they are struggling, make sure you give them the right support and encourage them to speak to friends and the university services. Universities abroad have great Student Support services and they are experts in helping students with all sorts of issues such as mental health, financial difficulties, course related concerns and many others.

Figuring out the financials

Becoming an international student also means to live independently, and you want to make sure that your child can manage their financials properly. It is important to have an understanding of the cost that studying abroad entails. You should save money for your child’s visa, financial evidence and any insurance that could be necessary for the time abroad.

  • Accommodation: as soon as your child has an offer from a university, the university will also provide them with options for accommodation. There are also private accommodation options available so research online to find student accommodation and check how far they are from your child’s university.
  • Budget: create budgets for many different things such as food, entertainment, transport, books, and other daily expenses and encourage your child to open a local back account.
  • Work and Study: In many countries, such as the UK, international students can work up to 20 hours per week to help fund their study abroad experience whilst improving their CV.

Success and employability

The benefits from studying internationally don’t stop once the student has completed a bachelor’s degree. Your child would have acquired some skills that will make them more employable than other students:

  • Post-study work visa: From summer 2021, international students can now also obtain a 2-year post-study work visa meaning they can stay in the UK and work for two years after graduating from university. You can check the latest news here.
  • Boost CV: At NCUK we have a proven record of students who have succeeded thanks to their international study experiences. After taking their NCUK qualifications, they have been able to progress to university and after graduating they have started very promising careers. See what our alumni have to say about us here.

How NCUK can help

We are experts in providing the perfect pathway for international students to gain access to universities all around the world. With our full range of quality qualifications, our consortium of leading universities, our dedicated University Admissions Support Service and a global network of Study Centres, we have the best option for international students to study abroad. Start your child’s study abroad experience with NCUK!

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