Alumni Success: From Rwanda to Birmingham

Sybel’s journey from Rwanda to Birmingham with NCUK

  • Sybel Nyenimana
  • From Rwanda
  • Completed NCUK International Foundation Year
  • Progressed to University of Birmingham, BEng Mechanical Engineering
Why did you choose to study with NCUK?
I chose it because the NCUK international foundation course offered me access to a wide range of great universities. I come from a fairly atypical background: I started my education in a French education system, then switched to a British one after moving to Nigeria. Due to the differences between the two schools, I was sent to a grade below the one I was meant to enter, which made me lose a year of study.
This setback was particularly stressful, and I didn’t feel inclined to do two whole years of A-level to go to university. That’s when, after extensive research, I found NCUK. They offered a one-year foundation course, and unlike others, they opened so many great universities, not only in the UK but throughout the whole world!
How has your NCUK experience helped you to get to where you are today?

First, NCUK was so incredibly helpful in the whole VISA process. I arrived in the UK, and received ample support from my college and NCUK, helping me settle in and navigate the university application process. Even as an alumnus, I receive support, from the community we built among ambassadors and check-ups from NCUK.

What are your goals for the future?

In the short term, it would be to obtain a job in engineering in the UK! I think it’s a good place to grow a career. Ideally, I’d like to gain enough experience to build an engineering firm back home at some point in the future.

Do you have any advice for future NCUK students?

Try to make friends in college and university!! There are so many communities to join, religious, cultural or sporty, there’s one for everyone. My friends have been genuine blessings to me and made university much more bearable, I would definitely recommend finding people to stick by.

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