Alumni Success: From Mexico to Manchester

Karen Abril’s journey from Mexico to Manchester with NCUK

  • Karen Abril Domínguez Montes
  • From Mexico
  • Completed NCUK International Foundation Year and International Year One in Beijing
  • Progressed directly to Year 2 to Manchester Metropolitan University, BA (Hons) International Business
  • Currently requalified to become a data analyst
karen abril
Why did you choose to study with NCUK?
I selected NCUK as my educational path because of the wide opportunities it opens up. The qualifications not only provide essential tools but also offer significant support to drive students towards prestigious universities in the United Kingdom.
How has your NCUK experience helped you to get to where you are today?
NCUK played a key role in equipping me with a top-tier education, which has opened up opportunities in my professional journey. Beyond academics and professional career, it also provided me with the invaluable chance to experience diverse cultures, broadening my global perspective and enriching my worldview.
What are your goals for the future?
My future aspirations involve a continuous learning to enhance my skills, with the objective to gain excellence in the field I am working at; as well as growing in every way possible, including academically and personally.
Do you have any advice for future NCUK students?

My advice for NCUK students is to maximize the opportunity that you have. Make the most of the support NCUK offers to help you pursue and attain your personal, academic and professional aspirations. And do not forget to enjoy every moment of your journey as much as possible!

karen's journey

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