Request a Certificate

Certificate and Transcript Requests

NCUK offers a certificate and transcript printing service for NCUK students who need a replacement reprint of their certificate/transcript, or need a certified copy to aide in their applications for university/jobs.

Please note that the NCUK office will be closed from Friday 23rd December – Tuesday 3rd January. To ensure that your request is processed, please email before Thursday 22nd December. Any requests received after this time will be processed from Monday 9th January 2023.

Which service do I need?

Request a Replacement Certificate = Download and complete this form if your original NCUK Certificate/Transcript has been lost, damaged or destroyed and you require a replacement.

Request a Certified Copy = Download and complete this form if you require a Certified Copy of your NCUK Certificate/Transcript to be sent to an organisation.

All completed forms and any other enquiries should be sent to