Apply for an NCUK Scholarship

NCUK is delighted to offer six scholarships for students who are studying with us in the 2023/24 academic year. To be considered for an NCUK Scholarship, you must meet the application criteria so please carefully review the NCUK Scholarship terms and conditions before making your application.

There are three categories that students can apply for with different criteria necessary for students to address in order to submit their application:

  • NCUK Values Award – Students who are interested in applying for the NCUK Values Award will need to evidence skills that they have developed during their NCUK qualification (such as teamwork, independent critical thinking, selflessness, communication etc), as well as any extra-curricular activities, and how they are going to apply these skills when transferring to university.
  • NCUK Future Leaders Award – Students who are interested in applying for the NCUK Future Leaders Award will need to evidence their leadership skills and/or how they plan to utilise their degree for positive change in the future.
  • NCUK Inspire Award – Students who are interested in applying for the NCUK Inspire Award will need to evidence what studying abroad means to them and how studying with NCUK has helped them in their study abroad journey.

Six NCUK Scholarships will be available (two winners per category) with each winner being awarded £1,000.

Application Guidance

Judges typically seek students with a unique perspective, passion, and dedication. They want applications that inform them of personal achievements, academic excellence, and a clear understanding of how the scholarship will assist in fulfilling their specific goals. The application should be well-written, and organised, and show evidence of your commitment to success beyond your current academic progress.

Please click the button below to begin your NCUK Scholarship award application:

Terms and conditions

  • Students must submit a completed application to be eligible for any of the three NCUK Scholarships awards.
  • Students are only eligible to apply for one NCUK Scholarship. Multiple applications may result in your submissions being disqualified.
  • Students must be currently studying an NCUK qualification (or have completed their qualification within the 2023/24 academic year) to be eligible for an NCUK Scholarship.
  • Students must successfully complete (with a passing grade) their NCUK qualification.
  • Students will only be eligible to win an NCUK Scholarship if they progress to an NCUK University Partner or an additional NCUK qualification (such as the International Year One or International Year Two in Business Management).
  • Any applications submitted after Friday 28 June 2024 will not be considered.
  • The award will also not be deferred.


How long are applications open for NCUK Scholarships?

Applications will be open until Friday 28 June 2024.

How do I apply for an NCUK Scholarship?

You can apply for an NCUK Scholarship by completing the linked application but above, alternatively, you can click here to apply.

How will NCUK Scholarship applications be assessed?

After the application deadline, all submissions will be reviewed by NCUK with final winners being approved by our Senior Leadership Team.

How will I know if I have won an NCUK Scholarship?

If you successfully win an NCUK Scholarship, NCUK will contact you directly via email in September 2024 which will include an official letter and certificate confirming your win along with details on how you will be sent your award.

How will I receive my NCUK Scholarship?

Upon receiving your confirmation email, you will receive a form/link that you will need to complete. You will then need to send/submit this to NCUK’s Finance department who will confirm your details and arrange for your NCUK Scholarship to be paid to your bank account.

Am I eligible to receive an NCUK Scholarship if I win an Academic Prize Award?

Yes, if you win an Academic Prize Award, you will still be eligible to win an NCUK Scholarship.