4th Annual INTO Manchester PMP Conference – Big Success!



On Wednesday 24th May, students taking the NCUK Pre-Masters Preparation (PMP) qualification at INTO Manchester took part in a conference held at Manchester Metropolitan University’s Business School. This gave them the opportunity to showcase presentations and posters on their research methodology projects in front of their peers and INTO Manchester staff as well as guests from Manchester Metropolitan University and the University of Manchester. The annual GD Con (a conference for PMP students) has been run at INTO Manchester for the past four years by Research Methods Lecturers Jen Magson, Debbie Lea and Senior Support and International Progression Manager Florencia Franceschina.

Conference leaders Debbie Lea, Florencia Franceschina and Jen Magson

Conference leaders Debbie Lea, Florencia Franceschina and Jen Magson

I originally set up the conference because I wanted PMP students to be able to experience an authentic academic activity.  The idea was to take them out of the classroom and let them take part in something they are likely to do as part of their masters study.

Jen Magson,

Research Methods Lecturer, INTO Manchester

Conference Management Committee

Under the guidance of Jen Magson, a group of students took on the responsibility of helping to organise the conference. The Conference Management Committee consisted of students from several PMP classes coming together and working as a team in which they gained valuable event organising experience. Liaising with Manchester Metropolitan University, the committee booked rooms, food and refreshments, arranged room set-ups as well as liaising with fellow students to create a programme for the day’s activities whilst adhering to deadlines to ensure that the event ran smoothly.

(Photo: Conference Management Committee from left to right: Charles, Christina, Winnie, Arisa, Nilam, Mina, Bonnie and Mohamad)

Students on the PMP course got to spend a day together looking at each other’s work, trying out presentation and poster-making skills, talking, answering questions from visitors and generally having a good time.  In addition to this they gained useful academic skills in preparation for their master’s study, including increased confidence in presentation skills and valuable practice in speaking and listening.

Dr Stephen Buzdugan plenary

Presentation and poster sessions ran throughout the conference with Jen Magson welcoming everyone before the first presentation sessions began. Lunch was provided allowing participants to have breaks from presenting and gave them a chance to interact and network with others. After all presentations were completed, the conference closed with a plenary which featured guest speaker Dr Stephen Buzdugan from Manchester Metropolitan University presenting his talk entitled The Fragility of ‘Emerging’ Economies and helped with giving out prizes to students who participated throughout the day.

This was a great opportunity for students to showcase their work. There was a great level of organisation and professionalism from the students at INTO Manchester which in turn created a fantastic atmosphere and allowed the event to be a success. The Conference Management Committee and everyone who took part today should be extremely proud.

Sophie Thiele

Placement Officer, NCUK

Dr Stephen Buzdugan and student