Top Tips For Completing Your Assignments

Posted: 16.10.2017
Author: Karen Abril Dominguez Montes

It is already mid-October and you have probably already been requested to submit several assignments for your modules at university. The objective of this blog is to provide you with some tips that allowed me to achieve good marks during my assignments without stressing too much over the deadlines.

  1. Do not leave it to the last moment. Probably the most important tip. It is essential that you start to plan your assignments well ahead of the deadline. This will allow you to work with less stress and to work more effectively.
  2. Work on it every day. It is important that you are motivated to work on your assignments daily. You may have plans with friends, family or want to spend time on a hobby, but if you spend one or two hours every day on your assignment, you will find out that you will finish it well ahead of time, which will give you time to revise it and modify anything required.
  3. Set a timeline. You may need to submit several assignments in a short period so to help prioritise your work load it could be useful to set a timeline or schedule to determine which days you will work on which projects. This will allow you to finish all of them without compromising one assignment over another.
  4. Start reading in advance of the chosen or assigned topic. As soon as you have your topic, start reading around it. Even though you may not be starting your assignment when you are taking your module, it is vital that you start to have general knowledge on the topic to have an easier comprehension of things when you do start developing the assignment.
  5. Go and see your tutors to address any questions. If you have any questions, go and ask your tutor about it. Do not be shy as everyone has questions and it’s fine to ask for some guidance. It is better to ask for help rather than to be unsure of what you are working on.
  6. Do research from reliable sources.  I strongly suggest doing research with reliable sources. Even though it is tempting to write as much as you can about something, having reliable sources will boost the potential to achieve higher grades. You do not want to have unreliable information in your assignments that may affect your grade.
  7. Say no to plagiarism. It is important that you write everything in your own words or to quote correctly. Plagiarism will prevent you from having a good reputation on your academic surrounding and it will reduce your grades dramatically.

You might have other tips that can help you to get good grades too. So implement as many things as possible to achieve those good grades. I wish you all the best in your upcoming assignments!