Top 10 Tips for Success in Exams

Posted: 10.05.2017
Author: Josemaria Muendo

Its that hectic time of the year when every student is busy preparing for end of year exams. Naturally, one does get nervous and anxious, however, with a little composure and a good plan, you can be comfortable and effective all through the duration of your examinations.

  1. Make a timetable of what to study

    The first and most obvious one that students hear repeatedly is that they need a structured timetable, and it goes first to show the importance of taking note of the lectures you need to go through in preparation and tying the lose ends before you face your exams.

  2. Create a routine

    During this time of year, it is very important to decide what time you prefer to study. Some read late into the night, some prefer to get up early in the morning. The crucial factor is to be consistent. Inconsistency will cost you time in the long run, so create a routine and stick to it.

  3. Do not panic

    Do not let the panic creep in. Panic will hinder your revision. Stay positive throughout your exams, even when you make a mistake, get back up and put your best foot forward in the next one.

  4. Follow it strictly

    Following your timetable is a rule on its own. It would be pointless to go through the trouble of making a timetable and not following it strictly.

  5. Get adequate rest

    Getting adequate sleep may seem like a silly idea when faced with pages of notes and PowerPoint slides to go through, but a well-rested mind is often much more effective than a sleep-deprived one. Your ability to hold information is also improved if you get enough sleep.

  6. Take a break

    Take a walk in the evening or go to the gym, to rest the mind after all the studying. This helps not only to allow you time to relax but also to improve your mood and reduce your stress levels as opposed to being in front of a book 20 hours a day.

  7. Master your exam timetable in order to strategise

    Make use of the gaps between exams in order to work smart. Proper strategy can shift the odds in your favor, increasing your chances of getting that first class grade.

  8. No partying

    Unfortunately, partying and studying do not blend well during exam time. It is advisable to lay off the clubs and alcohol just for a short while, the same can’t be said for summer, so look forward to that and soldier on for now.

  9. Eat well, stay healthy

    If there was ever a time to eat well and keep healthy, it is exam time. It is crucial during exams not to skip meals and starve while trying to cram information in the library. Take care of yourself, and your mind will serve you well.

  10. Know yourself

    It is very easy to be swayed by friends, but stick to your methods. Do not simply follow what everyone is doing. If you can’t stay up all night studying, don’t.