Getting along with your flatmates

Posted: 24.10.2016
Author: Murad Soomro

Your new year has started, you have moved in your accommodation for the year, and you may be nervous as this could be your first year in the United Kingdom. The people who you are living with in your accommodation may well be the first friends you make, therefore, you need to have a good relationship with them. Do not expect to become friends overnight as they may be feeling nervous and homesick just like you.

The most important thing is to communicate, and do not be afraid to start a conversation. Talk to your flat mates whenever you can and ask them things such as where they are from, what they study, their interests and hobbies because you may share the same interests and that will help build a better friendship. If you do not have any common interests you can still spend time with them by exploring the city, eating out, going to movies, etc. Communication will also be needed to set some ground rules such as cleaning and garbage disposal rotas or even playing loud music at night. Be ready to compromise and think about the people living with you.

Always be polite by asking if you want to borrow something and if you see them talking on the phone give them a little privacy. I moved in my new accommodation and there is always the fear of living with people who may be your opposite or just keep to themselves, however, I am lucky to be living with people who I have a lot in common with. We spend a great deal of time with each other by cooking meals together, going shopping and watching movies. Do not be shy to try new things, just last week I went ice skating with my flat mates although I had never done it before, but it was a great experience for me and gave me the opportunity to spend some time with them.