Getting ready for the next academic year

Posted: 15.08.2016
Author: Cramaix Fossuo Leundjie

I am progressing in writing up the dissertation. The lovely fact about it is that I can feel I have learnt so much comparing to when I started the course. Isn’t it great? That is what everyone is looking for.

This month I will be giving you little tips based on my travelling experience and the international student experience.

  • Wear comfy shoes and always have a jacket or a coat ( just in case, the weather might be awful)
  • Make sure you put your documents in a secure place when travelling ( the CAS is sometimes asked in the immigration borders at the airport, so be prepared)
  • Always check the arriving time according to the UK time ( it sounds stupid but it can cause delays )
  • It is secure to book the University pick up service because it is easy and you will not be lost or confused

Moving from a country to another involves cultural changes. This might have an effect on your health. Therefore, I will recommend having your medicine for little illnesses (cough, asthma). This is because you will need to be register with a General Practitioner before being consulted. Otherwise you might go to a walking centre which is sometimes longer.

As far as I am concerned, the best way to learn English is to read, listen and trying to have a weekly or daily target. Reading newspaper and book can be really helpful to improve your English.  When it comes to book, the simple books such as story or funny books are good because they are not targeted to everyone and the language use is understandable.  Another tip is to try and read as much as you can in the road, bus and try to understand the meaning. By doing this, it will be easy to learn chunks of language. My favourite one is learning trough media. Watching films, listening to music and radio helps significantly. These activities help you to improve your listening skills. The more you listen, the more likely you speak.

Learning a language as an adult can be done in a systematic way:
  • the more you read:  the more your reading skills will improve  the better your writing style will be
  • the more you listen: the more your listening ability will improve the more you will get used to different accents (accent matters) the more likely you will speak.