How do Student Counsellors support NCUK students?


The role of the Student Counsellor is very important in the journey of students on NCUK qualifications to their dream university. NCUK Student Counsellors have a passion for helping students, they provide guidance on the different NCUK university options and support with each stage of the application processes.


Experienced counsellors at Study Centres from across the NCUK network have said one of the key things about their role is ‘get to know your students’. What are their ambitions? What do they love to learn about? What are their hobbies and interests? The more a counsellor knows about their students the better position they are in to advise them on which university and degree course is a good choice.

Counsellors will dedicate time in the week to speak to students, this includes 1:1 sessions and group sessions where students can ask questions and discuss their research together. Student Counsellors have an ‘open door’ time for students during the week to have a chat and online groups to stay connected, build engagement and trust.

Another key part of a counsellor’s role is involving a student’s family. Families play an important part in their academic journey, both in providing guidance and by being the student’s support network. Regular communication is vital to keep family members up to date with the different stages of the university application process and the key decisions that are to be made.


The NCUK Student Support team and the Student Counsellors work very closely together. Each counsellor has a dedicated point of contact in the NCUK Student Support team who they work closely with at each stage.

The Student Support contact is always on hand if there are questions, and for regular catch ups to talk about the students’ applications.

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