How to Get University Ready? NCUK Ambassador advice


Thousands of international students will be travelling to university for the first time this September. At NCUK, we’ve asked our Student Ambassadors to provide their top tips and advice on how they prepared to embark on their own international journey.

Before Chiara progressed to the University of Leeds to study Economics, she made a list of the things that she knew would make her feel university ready:


There were many things I had to do before I felt ready to move to university. For me that went from getting more comfortable with my cooking skills to making sure I had all my documents in check.

Going from living at home to studying abroad by yourself poses many challenges you will deal with as you go, but for me, making some research about the city I was going to live in went a long way.

This included finding what the best ways are to move around, what to do in case of emergencies, and more about my university

Faris, who is now studying Finance at The University of Manchester, planned a lot around what he was actually going to pack and made sure to research the city and the area that would soon become his home:


To get ready for university I first checked how much my accommodation would fit of my stuff. I didn’t want to over pack or under bag so I checked what already comes with the flat and got everything that wasn’t available already. I made sure that I packed everything that I couldn’t buy there already so I don’t have any duplicates or weight space on things that I didn’t really need.

Other than that, I got track of my emails and checked what the University would send regarding preparing for my courses. I also researched the city that I was going to have made sure I had an idea of where things are so that I don’t get lost on my first days!

For Halimat, however, knowing where to get support was essential. Luckily, NCUK was there to help on every step of her academic journey and she’s now enjoying her Law course at Aston University!

When I was studying with NCUK, the staff assisted me in getting ready for university as well. They provided me with excellent tutoring and helpful counsel, both of which I now use at this university

At NCUK, we have dedicated resources to help students achieve their academic dreams. Have a look at our pre-departure area here or click here to find out more about studying with NCUK.