How was your graduation?

Posted: 15.08.2016
Author: Kawu Musa Idris Idah

I have had to stop blogging for a while, because of the workload of my final year. Upon completion of the numerous coursework, exams and finally my graduation event, I feel really excited. Thinking of what to write has taken longer than expected, because of my inability to condense the extreme emotions I have had over the course of my university course (Forgive the pun ‘course’). For those of you whose next stage in life is university, you might have just had your graduation. So, how was your Graduation?

My graduation? I graduated with honours from petroleum engineering, University of Leeds. I just experienced a sudden increase in my heartbeat, as I typed that down. It was an amazing day, would have been more amazing had my father and mother being there. They were unable to make it from Nigeria, but I strongly believe they will all make it for my master degree graduation later on. Part of the education support system in Leeds University is the ‘chaplaincy’ system. This is a great system that provides mental and physical support for students, international students to be specific. In the words of the Muslim Chaplain:

we understand it can difficult living away from family for years, hence the reason we try our best to be a good family for you here

As I walked into the graduation hall with my guardians, ready to become a graduate. I saw the Muslim Chaplain walking into the same hall, which really surprised me. She never told me she would be there, so this was a massive SURPRISE. It was really nice of her to go out of her way to come for my graduation (the only graduation event she went to, she said). Later on in the hall, I kept on getting messages from her as the ceremony went on.

‘I AM SO PROUD OF YOU’, ‘DON’T FALL OR TRIP’. These made me really happy.

As I received my certificate from the ‘Head of Engineering’, and we moved out of the hall happily with other fellow graduates, I realised that was it. That was the end of another phase. Only to be met outside by a couple of friends I had made from my society involvement. It was like the paparazzi. The Muslim Chaplain had told them of my situation, to which they decided to surprise me.

It was then picture time. Moral of my story; Great friends are everything, and I hope your graduation went well too.