Karen’s Journey – The Big Choice

Posted: 25.07.2017
Author: Karen Abril Dominguez Montes

Karen’s Journey

As a current or potential student taking part in an NCUK qualification, you will find out that one of the main decisions you will make is deciding which city and university you want to attend to from the many leading universities that NCUK offer. Even though it may seem as if it is one of the hardest decisions, I can assure you that any of the universities you choose are extraordinary and will provide you with an advantage over other students around the world.

My choice of university was Manchester Metropolitan University. I will not lie, it took me quite a few months to decide which leading university I wanted to attend. I will share with you some reasons why I chose the city and university.

  • Manchester is within the top 5 largest cities in the UK. Living there allowed me to have access to everything I needed such as services, restaurants, clubs, galleries and shops. There is an amazing variety of stores, different types of cuisines for all cultural backgrounds and an amazingly embedded culture for football throughout the city. Additionally, Manchester has its own airport which can make travelling in Europe easier and has great transportation services.
  • Manchester was ranked amongst the best cities worldwide for international students. There are people situated in Manchester from all around the world, which can be helpful when you are an international student to feel more accepted in the society. I decided on this city as it allowed me to experience a wide variety of cultures and to learn from each of them, enjoying Manchester as an international city.
  • Manchester Metropolitan University allows all students to choose three paths for a degree: placement year, foreign exchange year or finishing university within three years. I was determined to enter Manchester Metropolitan University to benefit from the placement year so that I could complete my degree with work experience and to have an advantage when coming back to my home country.
  • The university has over 36,000 students that can enjoy well-developed and modern facilities. As a student from Manchester Metropolitan University, you can enjoy from amazing campus facilities such as an outstanding library, IT facilities, cafeterias, sport facilities and student hubs and unions. This allows students to have a great balance between student life and social life.
Manchester Metropolitan

Despite spending months thinking about which city and university I should chose, I felt I really enjoyed my stay in Manchester and I would not change it for the world. However, even though you might choose a different city and university, you will find out that you have made the best decision as all the experiences you build in each place will shape your stay. Regardless of your choice, you will find out that each city or university is perfect in its own way and you will enjoy being part of the UK´s lifestyle.

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