NCUK at GHEDEX Expo in Oman


NCUK was delighted to be able to attend GHEDEX Expo from 27-29 March in Oman where NCUK Associate Director, Andrew Straughan, had the opportunity to meet a great selection of both Thanaweya, IG Grade 12 students as well as a number keen on progressing to a postgraduate degree abroad.


The event welcomed a variety of students interested in a wide range of degree subjects such as Engineering, Medicine and Computer Science. NCUK representatives were able to show these students the range of degree courses available at NCUK Universities upon completion of NCUK’s International Foundation Year and Master’s Preparation qualifications.

The event was a great opportunity to properly introduce and raise awareness of NCUK’s brand new Study Centre, Muscat Foundation Academy (MFA), and engage with a significant number of students, parents as well as industry professionals from in and around the Gulf region.

NCUK’s Academic Support and Development Associate Director, Nico Decourt also had the opportunity to speak with H.H Sayyid Fahr bin Fatik Al Said about this exciting new initiative in Oman!

It was great, after having partnered during the pandemic, to finally have the opportunity to work alongside the fantastic and highly ambitious MFA Team during GHEDEX. The event was busy and well attended by a number of strong students who had extremely impressive levels of spoken English –  this also enabled us to gain great insight into the emerging trends amongst the prospective student market in Oman.

Andrew Straughan, NCUK Associate Director: Africa, Middle East, Europe and Americas

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