NCUK attends ICEF Berlin 2022


Last week, NCUK representatives attended ICEF Berlin, where they could meet with educators and agents from all around the world.


Over the course of three days, NCUK staff had the chance to meet agents interested in finding the right pathway qualifications for their students.

NCUK is always pleased to work with agents as this is a fantastic way of connecting students to the Study Centre that best meets their academic, financial and personal needs. Additionally, many NCUK Study Centres were also attending ICEF Berlin and it was great to be able to facilitate meetings between them and the interested agents.

It was a real pleasure to see NCUK Study Centres attending such as MPW, with schools located in Birmingham, Cambridge and London; Celtic English Academy, a popular school in the heart of Cardiff; and a wide range of London based Study Centres such as Malvern House, Regent College London and British Study Centres.

Some of these Study Centres and many more across the NCUK Network will also be delivering NCUK qualifications from January 2023 to support students who wish to start university next September. With NCUK, students are able to progress to a wide range of degree courses such as Business, Medicine, Engineering, Computer Science, Nursing and more!

If you would like to work with NCUK to help students achieve their dreams of studying abroad, click here.