NCUK China Study Tour


In a remarkable milestone since the end of the pandemic, the eagerly anticipated NCUK China Study Tour finally took place in October 2023. This two-week event marked the first occasion where university representatives, NCUK representatives and students could engage in face-to-face interactions once again. The tour spanned across 5 different cities and 7 NCUK Study Centres, making it a significant endeavour that left a lasting impact on hundreds of students.

china tour ncuk

The NCUK China Study Tour served as a platform for students to receive valuable counselling and guidance on their university progression options and application processes.

Following a period of uncertainty and virtual communication, the chance to connect with experts in person was highly valued by both university and NCUK representatives and the participating students.

Throughout the tour, university representatives from diverse fields were present to engage with students, answer their questions, and shed light on various aspects of university life. The interaction was not limited to a single location but extended across multiple cities, ensuring a broader reach and allowing students from various regions to benefit from this unique experience. In addition to the invaluable guidance on university applications, the NCUK China Study Tour fostered a sense of community and networking among the participating students. It provided them with the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who share similar goals and aspirations. The connections made during the tour are likely to have a lasting impact on the students’ academic and professional journeys.

I was delighted to be part of the NCUK China tour. It was great to spend time with colleagues at NCUK Study Centres in China and meet so many of our students and support with their questions about the NCUK universities and degree course options.

Ruth Jones, NCUK Head of Student Support

The NCUK China Study Tour was not just a momentous event for the students and universities involved, but also a testament to the resilience and adaptability of the education sector. It showcased the determination to overcome challenges and find innovative solutions in order to provide students with the best possible opportunities for their future.

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