NCUK Expands into Ethiopia – New Partnership with Ethio International Study Center


NCUK has partnered with EISC (Ethio International Study Center), marking its pioneering entry into the Ethiopian education landscape. This strategic alliance will empower Ethiopian students by granting them exclusive access to prestigious universities abroad upon successful completion of NCUK’s International Foundation Year.

This ground-breaking collaboration represents the first university pathway of its kind in the Ethiopian market and is a significant milestone in NCUK’s commitment to expanding access to higher education globally.

Andrew Straughan and Mintesnot Fikre Aydano

The spokesperson of EISC, Mintesnot Fikre Aydano – a former NCUK student who completed an NCUK qualification in Ireland before advancing to a UK university – is deeply committed to affording local students the same transformative opportunities. With a dedication to providing high-quality education locally, the EISC will offer students in Ethiopia the chance to undertake a rigorous 9-month qualification, equivalent to A levels, meticulously delivered to the highest academic standards.

Andrew Straughan, NCUK Regional Director (Africa & Middle East), spoke about the partnership.

As the first NCUK Study Centre and university pathway of its kind in the country, this collaboration signifies a significant step towards expanding access to world-class education. Minte’s journey from an NCUK student to the visionary behind Ethio International Foundation College epitomises the transformative power of higher education. His commitment to extending this opportunity to more students in Ethiopia reflects our shared mission to empower individuals through quality education and university pathways.

The launch event took place on Tuesday 26 March with the support of British Council Ethiopia and it featured engaging opening remarks from British Council representatives, insightful commentary from EISC, a compelling presentation from NCUK, and wrapped up with a lively Q+A session and plenty of photo opportunities.

opening ceremony

Upon successful completion of the International Foundation Year qualification, students can gain exclusive direct entry to undergraduate degree courses at over 50 NCUK University Partners across the top five study destinations worldwide. These universities include members of the Russell Group, Group of 8, and those consistently ranked among the QS World Top 100 universities, opening doors to unparalleled academic prospects for Ethiopian students.

Stuart Smith, NCUK Chief Executive Officer, expressed his enthusiasm about this partnership,

We are thrilled about the incredible opportunity this exclusive partnership brings to Ethiopian students. At NCUK, we are dedicated to broadening access to higher education on a global scale, and this collaboration underscores our unwavering commitment to realising this vision. We believe that every student deserves the chance to pursue their academic aspirations, and this partnership marks an important step towards making that a reality.”

This strategic partnership between NCUK and EISC exemplifies a momentous advancement in the international education sector, promising a brighter future for Ethiopian students seeking to embark on transformative academic journeys.

EISC will start to deliver NCUK’s International Foundation Year this September 2024.

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