NCUK Launches New International Foundation Year Module in Computer Science


NCUK, has launched a new International Foundation Year module in Computer Science. The new module aims to meet the growing demand for computer science courses, which has increased dramatically in recent years.

According to recent data from the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA), the number of international students on Computer Science degree courses has risen by 58% since the academic year 2019/2020. NCUK’s new module aims to provide students with an early opportunity to experience what it takes to study Computer Science, making it easier for them to progress to university abroad.

comp science

NCUK students are already able to progress to a wide range of computing courses at University. However, by launching this new module, NCUK is able to offer students a more bespoke route into university that addresses the specific needs of those interested in studying Computer Science at earlier stages in their journey.

The topics in this module have been carefully selected to give learners a sound foundation of knowledge and skills needed for further computer science related studies. Firstly, students will aim to understand and apply the fundamental principles and concepts of Computer Science, gaining a solid foundation of knowledge to build upon.

Secondly, they will become confident users of various tools and techniques relevant to the course, developing practical skills that will be useful in real-world settings. Additionally, students will use their practical experience to analyse problems in computational terms and engage in critical thinking, creativity, and innovation. Finally, the module will equip students with the skills needed to become independent learners, so that they can continue to learn and develop their knowledge and capabilities beyond the course.

The new Computer Science module is a Level 3 module and similarly to other International Foundation Year modules, it aims to prepare learners for progression to the first year of University abroad. NCUK provides the best possible preparation for further studies in Computer Science, and the impact that the new module will have on NCUK students’ academic journeys is eagerly anticipated.


NCUK’s International Foundation Year is a qualification designed for international students who want to pursue their undergraduate studies in the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand or the USA. This qualification aims to prepare students for academic success by providing them with the necessary skills, knowledge and confidence to succeed in an overseas University setting.

The International Foundation Year is recognized and accepted by over 45 world-leading universities, which means that students who successfully complete it will gain guaranteed* entry to the first year of a bachelor’s degree abroad.

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