NCUK Launches Skills for Success


NCUK is delighted to unveil a brand-new development course for our International Foundation Year students: Skills for Success 

Skills for Success is an online, self-access course which develops students’ ability to think critically. Throughout the fifteen weeks of the course, students are introduced to the importance of critical thinking at university and beyond through engaging weekly topics, practice tasks and reflection activities.   

The course is divided into three, five-week blocks. The first seeks to encourage and promote curiosity while the second focuses on specific skills and strategies the students can use to improve thinking. Students then turn their attention to developing and supporting arguments with evidence. 

Each week of Skills for Success links to a different subject to ensure students connect with topics they find interesting and to show how critical thinking relates to different disciplines. An accompanying portfolio also ensures that work done on the course can be revisited at any time.  

Skills for Success is a fantastic additional way for students to prepare themselves for their future studies and succeed when they get there. All students will be automatically registered on the course upon registration on the International Foundation Year and all teachers at NCUK Study Centres will also have access so that they can help and guide students who require support.  

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