NCUK Law students visit Lagos State High Court


Last week, students enrolled in the International Year One Law qualification at NCUK Study Centre Oxbridge Academy visited the Lagos State High Court to witness the conduct of both civil and criminal proceedings.



Law OA

This kind of activity provides the students with an opportunity to see what they study in the classroom in practice, and also get a taste of the persona and decorum expected of legal practitioners.

After each court visit, Oxbridge Academy students are quizzed on their takeaways from the visit by the attending lecturer.

The Lecturer relates their observations to the concepts and principles taught to them in class and this helps the students to better appreciate those concepts and generally acquire a better understanding of their course of study.

The International Year One Law is equivalent to the first year of a UK bachelor’s degree. Students can take this at their local Study Centre and then gain guaranteed progression to a top-ranked international university upon successful completion.

We wish these students the best of luck and we look forward to welcoming them to the UK next year as they continue their academic journeys!

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