NCUK Prize Awards 2023 – Winners Celebrated


Winners of 2023’s NCUK Prize Awards, a highly prestigious recognition of achievement, have been announced! The annual NCUK Prize Awards celebrates the outstanding accomplishments of NCUK students and allows us to reward those who have either excelled academically or who have highlighted the impact of NCUK on their study journey and how they can be role models for positive change.

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Students receiving good news


The NCUK Prize Awards are a testament to the dedication and hard work put forth by NCUK students. These awards are open to all students who have successfully completed one of NCUK’s qualifications.

With over 100 Prize Awards available each year, students have the opportunity to be recognised for their exceptional achievements. Ranging in value from £100 to £1,000, these awards provide financial support to deserving individuals and serve as a token of appreciation for their outstanding performance.

This year, we were delighted to offer two types of NCUK Prize Award. The Academic Prize Awards, based on academic merit, are eligible for all NCUK students. These prizes are awarded purely based on students’ final NCUK grades, allowing the top-performing students from around the world to win prizes worth £150-£500. The top-performing students worldwide from across our three main qualifications (International Foundation Year, International Year One and Master’s Preparation) achieved Global High Achiever and Regional High Achiever awards. Further top-performing students for the International Foundation Year also won Recognised Achiever awards.

NCUK Scholarships, a new addition for 2023, allowed students to apply for one of six scholarships. Each worth £1,000, NCUK Scholarships were split into three categories (Values, Inspire and Future Leaders) with two students being chosen as winners for each category. These scholarships were awarded to those who showcased their eligibility by meeting the criteria specific to their chosen category, as well as who exhibited exceptional potential and a strong desire to excel in their future studies and beyond.

Students receiving results

Unlike our Academic Prize Awards, students applying for these scholarships must have applied to at least one NCUK University Partner and accept their place if offered. The addition of NCUK Scholarships offers another avenue of support which further emphasises NCUK’s commitment to nurturing talent and facilitating access to higher education.

NCUK received over 170 applications for NCUK Scholarships this year, a fantastic accomplishment for our first year of offering this new type of NCUK Prize Award. With final approval from NCUK’s Senior Leadership Team, six NCUK Scholarship applicants were chosen to win these awards, of which they were all proud to have achieved:

I am very pleased to be one of the first recipients of the NCUK Scholarship Award. I am extremely happy to achieve such an accomplishment which a few students can experience and I do not take this honour for granted.

Choongwhan Lee, Recipient of the NCUK Scholarship (Inspire Award) and NCUK Recognised Achiever awards

With every passing year, the NCUK Prize Awards continue to inspire and empower a new generation of students to succeed and we look to continue to reward students who demonstrate their ability to rise above challenges and set new standards of excellence. By recognising and celebrating the achievements of students, NCUK plays a vital role in supporting them as they look to shape a brighter future for individuals and communities worldwide.

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