NCUK Student Ambassadors: Leading the Way in Peer-to-Peer Marketing


Last week, NCUK representatives took part in an engaging event hosted by The Ambassador Platform in London. As a member of the panel, NCUK’s Marketing Manager Helena Torre-Sevillano discussed how universities and pathway qualification providers can realistically present diversity in their marketing strategies.


The event attracted a diverse crowd of attendees from Universities and providers across the sector who shared useful insights and experiences on how to ensure diversity runs across every aspect of a robust marketing strategy.

NCUK Student Ambassadors play a critical role in promoting NCUK’s message to students worldwide, providing them with valuable insights into what life is like studying abroad.

Through their personal experiences, the Ambassadors offer a unique perspective that can only be gained by having lived and studied in another country. They share tips and resources that students may find useful, easing the transition into a new academic and cultural environment.

Each year, students from 100+ nationalities study an NCUK qualification through its Global Network of 110+ Study Centres in 35+ countries. NCUK utilises its ambassador network to showcase their individual journeys such as Victoria’s, who completed NCUK’s International Foundation Year in Peru and is now studying Music Production at Leeds Beckett University; or Samuel’s, who started his NCUK journey in Ghana and is now studying Engineering in Canada at University of Alberta.

NCUK’s mission is to make higher education accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or location. Peer-to-peer engagement plays a key role in achieving this goal, and NCUK Student Ambassadors are at the forefront of this effort. These Ambassadors are passionate about sharing their academic experiences and helping other students navigate their educational journeys.

Helena Torre-Sevillano, NCUK Marketing Manager


The ambassadors have helped countless students looking to start their academic journeys with NCUK. By sharing their experiences and knowledge, they help prospective students make informed decisions and answer any questions they may have.

Their approachable nature and relatability make it easy for students to connect with them, and they offer practical advice and guidance throughout a student’s academic journey.

The Ambassador Platform is a modern and innovative software that facilitates real-time communication between prospective students all over the world and NCUK Student Ambassadors. If you’d like to find out more about the NCUK Student Ambassadors, click here.