NCUK University Application Service


Throughout the year, students benefit from the NCUK University Application Service, which allows them to prepare for their university applications. For some students, this service becomes even more important when final results are released. Whether you didn’t get the grades you expected or if you have changed your mind about your study destination, the NCUK Summer University Application Service is here to help you get to your dream university.

To understand how this service works, we have asked NCUK Head of Student Support, Ruth Jones, to provide a brief overview of this process and to tell us more about how anyone interested can benefit from it.


What is exactly the Summer University Application Service and how can it help students once results have been released?

NCUK’s University Application Service is designed to help students get a final university place. If a student has got their final results but not a university place the Student Support Team at NCUK can help! The team works with our universities to get offers for degree courses for students. We do all the work! Students are contacted by the NCUK team with details of the options available for them and what the next steps to accept are.

When does this usually take place and how long does it take?

The dedicated summer service normally takes place in July and August. If a student gets their final results and does not have a university place they should either speak to their counsellor at their Study Centre or contact NCUK directly – – to seek support. Within 24 hours the NCUK Team will have secured offers through the service and will send these to you.

What makes this process so unique? 

As we work with a wide range of university partners all around the world, we can provide students with access to thousands of degree courses to choose from. Through our University Application Service, we will do all the work for you by finding you a suitable degree course at a university of your choice, based on your results and interests.


Can the Summer University Application Service be beneficial for students who have changed their mind about their preferred study destination?

The University Application Service can help students if they have changed their mind as the Student Support team can help get these alternative offers for students. For current NCUK students, please speak to your counsellor Study Centre or contact NCUK.

If a student performs better than anticipated, can they also change their application to a university that suits their needs better?

If a students grades are better than expected the team at NCUK can secure alternatives for them. It is important students go to the best university for them. The University Application Service can get alternative options for students who have got higher final grades than their original choices.

If you have any further questions about the Summer University Application Process or you think that our friendly Student Support team can help you with your university application, please contact the team via email at