NCUK University Rankings


At NCUK we are delighted to be able to work with top-ranked universities worldwide, located in some of the most popular study destinations across the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA. These consistently rank amongst the best in the world and have welcomed over 35,000 NCUK students over the past years.


As of 2022, 10 NCUK Universities are within the top 100 best in the world and 10 are members of the prestigious UK research-led Russell Group. Times Higher Education recently released its list of ‘Most International Universities 2022’ and we are delighted to share that eight NCUK Universities are listed within the Top 50!

NCUK Universities who are within the Top 50 most international universities include The University of Auckland (17th), UNSW Sydney (22nd), Durham University (26th), The University of Manchester (27th), University of Leeds (37th), University of Bristol (41st), University of Exeter (46th) and The University of Sheffield (48th).

NCUK qualifications are designed to ensure that students worldwide are able to progress to one of these top-ranked universities and many more. Both the International Foundation Year and International Year One qualifications provide students with the knowledge they need to succeed at undergraduate level, whereas the range of Master’s Preparation qualifications available ensures that students gain the English language and academic research skills needed to study a master’s degree abroad.

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