NCUK visits Jakarta Academics College in Indonesia


On 14 June 2022, NCUK representatives met with Jakarta Academics College in Indonesia to formally approve the institution as NCUK’s newest Study Centre in Jakarta. Staff from NCUK included Suzanne Bartlett, Product and Partnerships Director, and Adrian Ting, Associate Director for New Business.

Upon arrival, guests were introduced to the school management, leadership team, teachers, staff and students. Guests were also given a tour of the Study Centre where they had the opportunity to interact with the IGCSE and A-Levels students who were working on their final semester projects. Some of the students confidently presented their projects to guests with the school principal highlighting some of the work on display.

Staff on their tour of the Study Centre

The students at Jakarta Academics College are well prepared with a high-level of English proficiency, with their final semester projects showcasing that they work to an international standard.

Adrian Ting, Associate Director for New Business

Guests being given a tour of Jakarta Academics College.

Guests being given a tour of Jakarta Academics College.

Following their tour, guests met with the Study Centre’s management team with Mr Sam Fulzele, Co-Founder & Head of the Jakarta Academics College, sharing useful insights including an overview of the institution’s establishment, background and achievements. Suzanne Bartlett also provided information on NCUK with a focus on its partnerships with leading universities worldwide.

Staff interacting with each other

Adrian Ting would follow by assuring all guests that NCUK would be supporting the new Study Centre throughout their time delivering NCUK qualifications.

Guests would conclude their meeting by exchanging their shared vision of building a relationship that will enable students from Indonesia to progress to universities in a number of exciting locations including the UK, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Canada and more.

Presentation of gifts between the two institutions

As the visit drew to a close, management from Jakarta Academics College were provided with NCUK materials including brochures, leaflets, and souvenirs to highlight the different ways that NCUK’s brand can be utilised and marketed to students. Suzanne Bartlett ended proceedings by presenting Ms Indriani, School Owner, with an NCUK Study Centre certificate which formalises NCUK’s partnership with the institution.

NCUK looks forward to officially launching this partnership with Jakarta Academics College in the coming weeks, enabling them to deliver NCUK qualifications from September 2022.

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