NCUK welcomes Professor Bee


At NCUK we are buzzing with excitement to introduce you to our newest addition to the NCUK family, Professor Bee, who will be travelling around the world visiting our students and Study Centres, sampling the local cuisine, meeting people at events and showcasing life behind the scenes at NCUK.



The reason why Professor Bee has joined the team is because it represents the values NCUK stands for. In case you haven’t noticed, our winged employee comes from the city of Manchester. Bees are widely known as the symbol of this beautiful city in the north of the UK. Manchester’s vital role in the Industrial Revolution was quickly associated with this animal, since there was always a sense of hard work and community that linked both.

Having its Head Office in the hometown of the working bee, NCUK not only works hard to help students all over the world progress to universities, but we also undertake this job with a great sense of community. Our teams and partners work closely together to ensure that our students are fully prepared and supported throughout their entire journey to university.



NCUK has expanded its global network of Study Centres considerably over the past year and now has more than 70 Study Centres in over 30 countries meaning that Professor Bee will be a busy bee! For every trip and new destination visited, Professor Bee will be providing you with insights, photos and blogs so you will be able to know more about the cities and more about what NCUK does.

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