NCUK welcomes key recommendation from the Migration Advisory Committee review of the UK Graduate Route


Today, Wednesday 14 May 2024, the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) submitted its recommendation to the UK Government to retain the Graduate Route in its current form. Stuart Smith, CEO of NCUK, a leading global pathway provider, commented on the recommendations of the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) following their review of the Graduate Route:

International students are incredibly important and valuable temporary residents, boosting the economies of towns and cities across the UK by £42 billion a year. It is therefore vital that the UK remain an attractive and welcoming study destination for them. Politicising the Graduate Route is not helpful to anyone and NCUK fully supports the independent recommendation of the Migration Advisory Committee that the Graduate Route remain in place in its current form. We urge the Government to quickly accept this recommendation.

Stuart Smith headshot

NCUK are a unique global pathway provider, originally formed by universities, and we deliver our programmes to international students at over 120 locations in more than 40 countries before supporting them to progress to top-ranked international universities. 81% of NCUK students currently studying with our UK university partners are interested in gaining graduate work experience in the UK before they return to their home country, with the top reason cited being students believe this will provide them better career opportunities in the future.

There is clear and significant value to the UK in continuing to attract and welcome international students, and NCUK is committed to empowering its students to achieve their ambitions to transform their futures.